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About eight years ago I met a young man through my hardware shop, his name is Jay Parmar, and he is a brilliant guitarist.  He helped to turn what has always been a love of mine into a passion.  I grew up in Glasgow in the late 50’s early 60’s and the opportunity to learn to play an instrument was very limited, as I grew older it was always a regret of mine, as I love music.

Meeting Jay changed all of that, he persuaded me that it didn’t matter how old, you can always learn something new.  With Jay’s patient teaching I now play the guitar and now I spend many a happy hour on an evening doing just that, and it’s a great way to relax.

Ever looking for ways to continue expanding my interests and owning a hardware shop gave me the ability to talk to people, and I discovered that many of my customers also play guitar. The feedback I got from them was that a build your own guitar kit would be a project that they would relish. See our gallery of Finished Kits


Jay helps me in the business on technical questions. He will also be available to help with guitar/build related questions and will also be providing a guitar kit customizing service at some point in the future. Jay is a professional guitarist, ; is a guitar teacher, runs his own recording studio and build his own guitars. You can find out more about Jay

                                                  We hope you get great deal of pleasure from our build your own guitar kits

                                                                                                        Thank You Rodger